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Limited Run CD: Streets of Rage 4 Mini Soundtrack

SKU: CD-SOR4Mini-11


This is for a brand new Limited Run: Streets of Rage 4 mini soundtrack on CD. Includes 18 tracks total with an exclusive remix by Tee Lopes.

Preview several tracks by visiting the Dotemu SoundCloud page!

  • Main Theme of Streets of Rage 4 by Yuzo Koshiro

  • Character Select by Yuzo Koshiro

  • They're Back by Yuzo Koshiro

  • Nora by Keiji Yamagishi

  • Estel: Round 1 by Harumi Fujita

  • Barbon by Motohiro Kawashima

  • Shiva by Yoko Shimomura

  • Estel: Round 2 by Harumi Fujita

  • Double Divas by Motohiro Kawashima

  • DJ Kwashi by Motohiro Kawashima

  • Ms Y by Yuzo Koshiro

  • Mr Y by Yuzo Koshiro

  • Staff Roll by Motohiro Kawashima

  • It's Extra by Motohiro Kawashima

  • It's Extra - Full Mix by Motohiro Kawashima

  • Rising Up Extended by Olivier Deriviere

  • Down the Beatch by Olivier Deriviere

  • Streets of Rage 4 Encore Remix by Tee Lopes