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Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge (Wii)

SKU: WII-LuxorPC-21


    Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge continues MumboJumbo's Egyptian-themed, sphere-smashing series with two game modes, motion-sensing controls, and 88 levels of play. As in previous titles, players slide a winged "shooter" across the bottom of the screen while launching colored spheres to create matches of three or more. The goal in each level is to remove a set number of spheres before a scarab pushes them into a pyramid at the opposite end of the screen. Since the spheres roll through twisting chutes, players must time their shots to hit specific colors or to set up score-boosting chain reactions. Pharaoh's Challenge on Wii includes upgradeable power-ups and 13 "blessings" to improve one's stage-clearing skills.



    PLAYERS: 1 Player

    GENRE: Puzzle

    RATING: E-Everyone

    RELEASE YEAR: 2008