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M.C Kids (NES)

SKU: NES-MCKids-22


Meet Mick and Mack - the coolest kids in McDonaldland. Now that Hamburglar has run off with Ronald's magic bag, the M. C. Kids need your help to find him. You'll need to move pretty fast to dodge creatures like Goferit and I. Psycho, solve tricky puzzles and explore the secret levels of McDonaldland. If you're going to help the M.C.Kids track down Hamburglar, you're going to have to make some totally fresh moves of your own. Oh yeah - once you've figured out how to play this game right side up - try it upside down!

In M.C. Kids, take the trip through the six areas of McDonaldland as you search for the elusive Hamburglar. Each land is divided into several individual levels, which you (as either Mick or Mack) and a friend must make your way through in order to help out Ronald. To complicate things, the Hamburglar has readied such creatures as goforits (gophers), splinters (beavers), and McMooses to impede your progress. In order to defeat these enemies (and also to pile things up so you can reach high places), you have the power to pick up blocks and place or throw them. Also, you'll have to master some of the obstacles of McDonaldland. Along the way you can pick up power-ups such as Golden Arches and visit other McDonaldland inhabitants such as Birdie and Grimace.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action & Adventure

RATING: E-Everyone