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Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (PS2)

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In the city of New Radius, Mayor Sung's call to "Revive, Rebuild, and Renew", is sending shockwaves of hope through a society that has none. You are Trane: a graffiti artist sickened by the governmental tyranny and the exploitation of the people. You must bring the war to the streets, uncover political scandals, and expose your leaders as corrupt. In the end you have only one goal: revolution!


  • A revolutionary storyline written by Marc Ecko
  • World-renowned hip-hop artist Talib Kveli as the voice of Trane
  • Fighting mechanics that combine kicking, grappling, and punching, along with improvised weaponry
  • A groundbreaking graffiti gameplay system, design to sharpen your skills as you tag with aerosol, rollers, markers, wheat paste, stickers, and stencils
  • 11 distinct city environments with 20 gameplay levels
  • Unique "Intuition" system, allowing you to find ideal places to tag
  • Authentic tags from more than 50 real-life graffiti artists, 6 of whom appear in-game as mentors
  • A digital "black box" to store unlocked tags and graf images
  • As Trane grows from "toy" to "All City King," his style and the state of graffiti evolve... Begin in the 1980's train culture scene, where subways were prime targets for gaining fame; continue to a version of the silver-train era, a time of extreme anti-graffiti tactics when the government's battle cry was "Take Back the City!"

    Trane's abilities:

    • Combat: master a unique fighting technique and use improvised weapons
    • Graffiti: create tags in pressure situations, using multiple skills and styles
    • Intuition: follow your sixth sense to find the best spots to tag
    • Sneak mode: infiltrate areas and avoid capture as you creep silently through the city
    • Navigation: utilize a unique guidance system to "get up" and tag



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Adventure

RATING: M-Mature