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Mario Kart DS (DS)

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Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad and Bowser put the pedal to the go-kart metal in all-new tracks, plus many hidden courses. Grab coins to max out your speed and blast your rivals with the ever-popular arsenal of red, green and spiked Koopa shells.
  • Time to race ... on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! The acclaimed Mario Kart series has gone online, letting players race and battle their friends all over the world with up to four karts at once. Players even can race seven other pals over local wireless with only a single game card via DS Download play.

  • More than 30 courses, both new and classic. Players will tour courses from Super Mario Kart®, Mario Kart 64™, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit™ and Mario Kart®: Double Dash!! ™, not to mention new tracks and arenas.

  • Crazy items, frantic speed and a new mission mode make this a Mario Kart fan's dream.



PLAYERS: 1 Player, 2-8 Players (Network)

GENRE: Racing

RATING: E-Everyone