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Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter (Genesis)

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The year is 1999. Humankind's worst fears have come to pass. An alien invasion of armored biobeasts has decimated the planet and driven Earth's remaining inhabitants underground. Nothing, not even nuclear blasts and germ warfare, could stop this lethal, otherworldly force, which came to be known as Godkaiser Hell's Steelmask Force.

Luckily, a man by the name of Professor Kabuto had predicted and prepared for such an invasion. Among his many research and development projects was a special suit of bio-armor that transforms the wearer into a sword-wielding warrior known as Mazinger-Z. As Professor Kabuto's son, Koji, you volunteered to don the suit and take on the army of vicious biobeasts. Now, the fate of the world is in your hands...

As Mazinger-Z, you must run, dash, jump, somersault, kick, hack, slash and stab your way through six levels of hellish creatures across such diverse locations as Tokyo, India, Europe, New York and Egypt. Each level has four rounds. At the end of each level, you'll face a boss (such as Buster Claw or Slughead) in a one-on-one, Street Fighter-style duel to the death. Certain bosses appear as giants while others look you straight in the eye.

The sword you brandish is very powerful. Not only can it cut a sideways swath right through a biobeast, but it can also be maneuvered in a number of different ways. Moves include a wall of steel, a jump-slice attack, an upward slash, a downward stab, a spinning blade attack, a whirling, slashing attack, and more.




PLAYERS: 1 Player

RATING: E-Everyone

GENRE: Action