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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PS4)

SKU: PS4-MegamanLC2-22
  • 4-in-1 Timeless Adventures – Experience the legacy of long-time video game iconMega Man with these four most recent classics from the core series:
    • Mega Man 7 – This 16-bit side-scrolling classic introduces an in-game shopwith power-ups, plus a mysterious rival Bass and his wolf-like companionTreble.
    • Mega Man 8 – The Blue Bomber leaps into 32-bit in even more colorful stageswith impressive fully animated and voiced story sequences for the first time.
    • Mega Man 9 – This entry marks a triumphant return to the series' roots with 8-bit visuals, music, and gameplay. Play as Proto Man and take on Fake Man inthe included add-on content.
    • Mega Man 10 - Play as Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass in this fun, challenging8-bit quest. Battle the deadly Mega Man Killer robots in the three includedadd-on stages.
  • First-timer Friendly – For those new to the series, this collection introduces a newoption to play the games with additional armor as they learn the ropes during theirfirst playthrough. Save checkpoints have also been added for easy reload.
  • New Remix Challenge Mode – Play classic stages like never before and put skillsto the test in unique boss rush and stage remixes!
  • Mega Man Museum – Explore the legacy of these games' original releases with ahistoric archive that includes hundreds of development materials such as conceptdesigns, sketches, production art, and more