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Mega Man X8 (PS2)

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Starring Mega Man and allies Zero and Axl, the eighth "X" saga is an action-adventure packed with more features, depth and variety than the series has ever seen. Your quest begins with a war-torn Earth, left in shambles after the fall-out of Sigma's war on the planet. Humankind, planning a mass exodus to the moon, has been mass-producing a new generation of robot reploids to start colonizing it. But Sigma has corrupted their DNA to make them turn on humans. This time, you and your teammates must head to the moon for an outer-space mission of epic proportions to save mankind!

  • Use tag-team strategies by switching between Mega Man, Zero and Axl
  • Grab the weapons from the beaten bosses to add to your arsenals
  • Take on new abilities with valuable power-up chips or metal from enemies
  • Play through over and over, to collect multiple story endings & hidden items
  • Classic Mega Man stage design - Finish the stages and sub-quests in any order



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform, Shooter

RATING: E-Everyone