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Metroid: Fusion (GBA)

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Explore the mysterious depths of the abandoned Biologic Space Laboratories space station as heroine Samus Aran in 'Metroid Fusion.' This fourth installment in the Metroid series takes players into the uncharted territory, to a lab crawling with aliens and organisms infected with dangerous virions known as the X Parasites. Armed with a gadget-enhanced suit of armor, complete with the ability to fire missiles, perform speed dashes, and morph into a ball, Samus can interact with her world in a whole new way. Climb walls, grip ledges, and even scale the ceiling, fighting enemies and acquiring new skills along the way. Players can engage the action head-on with the game's innovative side-scrolling maneuvers and mission-based gameplay for exploring the space station and unlocking new objectives.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform, Shooter

RATING: E-Everyone