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Microsoft Xbox 360 Official AC Adapter (175w) 2 prong w/ Cable

SKU: XBOX360-AcAdapterOG175w-22
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One authentic Xbox 360 Official AC Adapter (175w) 2 prong w/ Cable. 

This is the best replacement for original Microsoft XBOX 360 power adapter. With the universal voltage input, it lets you take your Xbox 360 to anywhere in the world without a heavy voltage converter.Please check back of your XBOX console to determine which power supply is compatible. This item only works with 175W. 

  • Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Power Supply
  • Plug Type: U.S.
  • Output: DV 12V 3.7A
  • Input: 100V - 120V
  • 2-Prong version
  • 3rd Party Cable included
  • Refurbished in BULK Condition

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