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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Game Gear)

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This version is a fighting game that is similar, but not identical to the Genesis version. In this version, the player has three basic attacks (one which is done by pressing the two action buttons simultaneously), a throw, and three special moves per character. The game consists of three game modes: a single-player story game which features a series of plot-based battles against the computer, a single-player VS. game, and a 2-player Link game in which the player against another player using the link cable.

The Story Game consists of seven stages, each consisting of two segments. In the first segment, the player controls a member of the Power Rangers as they fight against a series of Putty Patrollers sent in by Rita, as well as occasional encounters with Goldar, before confronting the stage boss at the end. In the second segment, the player will control one of the Zords and fight a giant version of the stage boss. Only Stage 4 deviates from this format by having the Zord segment occur before the Ranger segment. Initially only the five original Power Rangers are available at the start, along with the Megazord. After defeating the Green Ranger in Stage 4, he will reform and join the other rangers as a playable character, bringing with him the Dragonzord, which can be used during the giant monster segments in place of the Megazord, or alternatively the Dragonzord Fighting Mode.

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PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting

RATING: E-Everyone