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Ms. Pac-Man: Special Color Edition (GBC)

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Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition brings the feminist version of Pac-Man to the palms of your hands. Just like in the 1981 arcade game, this rendition of Ms. Pac-Man has you guiding a yellow, pie-shaped character adorned with a bow and lipstick around a maze. The maze is lined with dots, all of which you must eat in order to advance to the next screen.

Four ghosts roam the hallways trying to track you down, and you must avoid them or die. Yet there is an opportunity to turn the tables on the enemy and scarf down ghosts for extra points. Simply chomp on one of the four Power Pellets (located in each corner of the maze) and the ghosts will turn blue for a limited time, allowing you to add to your point total. Gobbling bouncing fruit (such as cherries, strawberries and bananas) will also enhance your score.

There are four different maze designs in Ms. Pac-Man, each of which includes warp tunnels along the edges of the screen. Go through one of the openings and you'll pop out on the other side of the maze. As you clear more and more mazes, the game gets faster and faster (to a certain point). The game ends only when you run out of lives. A two-player alternating mode is available in which the first player controls Ms. Pac-Man and the second controls Pac-Man.

Also included in the Ms. Pac-Man Color Edition package is Super Pac-Man, a lesser-known arcade sequel to Pac-Man. In this game, the ghosts have played a mischievous prank on Pac-Man: they've put all his food behind locked gates. You must guide Pac-Man around a maze and pick up keys, unlock gates and gobble up food. Once you have eaten all the food in a maze, you move on to the next screen. Just like in Ms. Pac-Man, there are Power Pellets, enemy ghosts and warp tunnels.

What, you might be wondering, puts the "super" in Super Pac-Man? In each maze there are two Superpower Pellets. By eating one, Pac-Man temporarily turns into Super Pac-Man, a giant, fast, invulnerable, Nietzschean version of his former self. Super Pac-Man can even eat through locked gates.

Both Ms. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man offer two viewpoints: "Zoom" and the "1/2 Maze Screen." Zoom offers a close-up of your character and features a scrolling screen. The 1/2 Maze Screen mode shows you the full screen at once, making the mazes look smaller in comparison. Also, both games include all the original intermissions from the Arcade games on which they are based.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Arcade

RATING: E-Everyone