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NBA Live 96 (SNES)

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The sequel to NBA Live 95 returns with new features designed to make it the most complete basketball game on the Super Nintendo. Among the improvements are new animations, a greater variety of dunks (including tip slams and power dunks), crowd chants and free throw interaction, on-the-fly play calling and animated play diagrams. The strategy options have increased with sixty offensive plays and ten defensive sets, and you can now create, draft, edit and trade players. The expansion teams Toronto and Vancouver have also been added to the game, bringing the total to 29 NBA teams with player ratings based on the 1995-96 season, plus two All-Star and four custom teams. Team, player and user stats are saved all season long and the game supports up to five players with a Multi-Player Adapter.



PLAYERS: 1-4 Players

RATING: E-Everyone

GENRE: Sports, Basketball