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NFL Quarterback Club 96 (Game Gear)

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NFL Quarterback Club 96 has 32 offensive plays and 16 defensive plays. The simulation modes include Preseason, Playoffs and Season, where one plays a season of 18 games. Another playable mode is the Quarterback Challenge, where players take control of a quarterback and compete against other quarterbacks in the league in various competitions, such as distance, mobility, obstacle, and accuracy.[6] Players can save their game via passcodes. As the game has the National Football League license, all 30 teams are represented in the game, and players can perform transactions between teams, as well as player substitutions. The game also features the no huddle offense, three camera angles, penalties, three possible clock speeds, weather conditions, player reports, replays, and pre-game shows.

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PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports, Football

RATING: E-Everyone