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NHL Stanley Cup (SNES)

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NHL Stanley Cup consists of all 26 teams from the National Hockey League (including the expansion Florida Panthers and Anaheim Mighty Ducks) compete for the highest honor in professional hockey, Lord Stanley's Cup.

This game mimics real ice hockey in that you can shoot, pass or dump the puck, and you can perform hip, shoulder and poke checks. You can even fake a slap shot and aim your shot on goal to a particular corner of the net. Hockey is an overtly brutal sport, and this game reflects that, but there are numerous penalties that you can commit, including tripping, cross checking, slashing, roughing, hooking, interference, icing and offsides.

Other features include season and game statistics, three difficulty levels (Junior, NHL and NHL Pro, and the ability to skip games against particular opponents. After the end of each game, a sportscaster will give you a complete wrap up of the action.


PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports, Hockey

RATING: E-Everyone