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NHLPA Hockey '93 (SNES)

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NHLPA Hockey 93 follows in the footsteps of NHL Hockey, while offering over 20 new features. Modes include Exhibition, and one-, three-, and seven-game Playoffs. New features include more statistic tracking, most valuable players awarded at the game's conclusion, and a crowd noise meter that affects how well your team is playing. This time around full NHLPA rosters are included as well as the ability to create and save team lines via the battery backup. Realistic elements have also been added such as player fights and a pane of glass behind the goal that can now be shattered. Injuries can knock players out of a period or a game, and will cause the injured player to release a small pool of blood onto the ice. Classic features include instant replay and two-player cooperative mode.


PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

RATING: E-Everyone

GENRE: Sports, Hockey