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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Saturn)

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"Nights into Dreams..." is an action game that follows two children, Claris and Elliot, as they journey through the world of Nightopia. With the help of Nights, they must prevent Wizeman the Wicked from stealing dream energy to take control of Nightopia. Eventually, he hopes to take over the real world, and he will if Nights can't stop him. Players initially move through each level as either Claris or Elliot. Gameplay focuses on Nights' flight through four sections of the level called Mares once the time limit is triggered. It makes for frantic action in the game. The same Japanese Sega team in charge of the "Sonic" series developed this high-speed game. The title has an undeniable attention to style and design.

Players will love just how unique Nights and Wizeman the Wicked look. Since it takes place both on land and in the sky, "Nights into Dreams..." delivers with its incredible plot and gameplay. While you can play "Nights into Dreams..." with a standard Sega Saturn controller, it's fully compatible with the Sega 3D dreams controller. The unique 3D navigation system works well with the Saturn thumbstick. Each original Sega Saturn disc includes the special Sega dreams controller packaged with it. Switch out the two controllers when you play the game, and you'll find the experience changes with them.


PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting