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Pseudo Saturn 4-in-1 Action Replay Cartridge for the SEGA Saturn

SKU: SAT-PseudoSaturn-11


Want to expand your Sega Saturn library? You can modify the console internally or you can use one of these Pseudo Saturn Action Replay Cartridges.

The SEGA Saturn in the US only had 250+ games and the selection wasn’t the best in its 4-year run. In Japan, they had 3 extra years and 1000+ games which included better versions of games that were only available on PlayStation in the US such as Marvel vs Street Fighter, Pocket Fighter, Vampire Savior, etc.


  • Play Saturn CD-R discs in any region zone
  • Play games universally (Play Japanese titles on a USA SEGA saturn console or the other way around)
  • Built in 1M + 4M RAM, able to play titles which required expansion 1M/4M RAM (Excluding King of Fighters 95 and Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu)
  • Save Card feature - 8MB memory card ROM for game saving

Version: Pseudo Saturn Kai-lite 6.27 (upgradable firmware)

The hardware is upgraded again to solve the problem of the black screen jamming after reading the disc caused by the decline of the laser head of some machines. For example: Grandia, Yakyuken special, Sol Divide and other games. Very good compatibility, better than the built-in direct reading module!

Instructions: The mode selector on top of the cartridge allows you to select one of the following: P/1M: for titles that require 1MB RAM expansion, P/4M: for titles that require 4MB RAM expansion, and P/S: for cartridge save management.

To enter the Saturn main screen please do the following: switch to P/S, power on the unit and on the Kai Lite menu select "JHL (PS 0.832)", then press and hold "Start/A/B/C buttons all at the same time

Caution: PLEASE select the switch before powering on your Saturn console

Notice: A weak laser lens and/or bad capacitors on your console will result in read disc error, if you ever having hard time inserting this cartridge into your Saturn slot, please use alcohol and cotton stick to clean up the slot, utility card have been double verified prior to shipment