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Racin' Ratz (GBC)

SKU: GBC-RacinRatz-22


Racin Ratz for the Game Boy Color is based on the small R/C cars of the same name, manufactured by the Mattel toy company. The game begins as the player has been sent to his or her room for breaking an expensive vase while racing a radio-controlled Racin' Ratz car through the living room. From the seclusion of his or her bedroom, the player can't resist the temptation to continue to race the little remote-controlled car, through ten different rooms in the house. There is a special challenge in each room and the player will need a good strategy, as well as good driving skills, to accomplish each task. Thoughtful planning is often at least as important as speed and handling. Player can choose their vehicle type and appearance. The game has a password save feature to allow players to continue their game from certain points. This cartridge runs only on Game Boy Color compatible systems.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Racing

RATING: E-Everyone