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Rampage: World Tour (GBC)

SKU: GBC-RampageWT-22


A sequel to the 1986 arcade hit, Rampage World Tour features more building battering and citizen chomping at the humongous hands of George, Lizzie, and Ralph. All three were former workers at Scumlabs International, a renowned toxic waste dump, when an explosion caused them to turn into giant animals. To exact their revenge, they begin a globetrotting trip to more than 100 cities. This isn't a sightseeing excursion, however, as the goal is to level anything and everything in their path, including the armed forces that try to protect the skyscrapers, tenement buildings, and more from harm's way.

Gameplay closely follows the 1986 original. Players can climb buildings and punch open windows to grab food for health, power-ups for new moves, or humans for tasty snacks. Players will also have to deal with helicopters, tanks, explosives, and troops firing at their character. Once its health bar is depleted, the creature will revert back to its human form and players will lose a life. This Game Boy Color port features three difficulty levels and an option to toggle the background music on or off. Without battery backup or password support, however, the game must be completed in one sitting. Inputting a secret code at the menu screen activates a two-player simultaneous mode requiring a Game Link Cable.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Action

RATING: E-Everyone