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Rhythm Heaven (DS)

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In Rhythm Heaven you'll use your stylus to capture the beat of the music ina variety of mini games. Turn your DS system sideways to hold it like a bookand tap slide or flick the stylus in time with the rhythm. The game's catchytunes and charming characters make Rhythm Heaven a blast to play and the arrayof rhythm games will test your musical abilities in a variety of ways as you doall you can to show that you've got the beat.If you can tap your finger in time to music you’ll get the hang of RhythmHeaven in no time. Rhythm Heaven is a simple and infectious rhythm game thatanyone can play. Players hold the Nintendo DS system sideways like a book andtap their stylus on the touch screen to the rhythm of the music. Players tapslide or flick the stylus to hit the right beat. Rhythm Heaven features catchytunes charming characters and a wide variety of rhythm games. Well-knownJapanese music producer TSUNKU♂ helped direct Rhythm Heaven and posedthe music for it.Product Features Hold your DS system sideways like a book to follow along with the music as you tap out the beat with your stylus just like you would with your feet or fingers Tap slide or flick your stylus to keep the rhythm of the game's music Demonstrate your rhythmic abilities in a variety of mini games Features music posed by Japanese music producer Tsunku For 1 player Easy-to-play action features catchy tunes and charming characters.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Rhythm

RATING: E-Everyone