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Rise to Honor (PS2)

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Martial arts superstar Jet Li stars in his first video game with this first-party release for PlayStation 2. An original title not based on a specific film, Rise to Honor features Hong Kong-style fighting sequences using Li's special talents, including running up walls and then performing back flips, to escape an enemy's attack or to reposition himself within the 3D environment. Multiple enemies will engage Li's character, Kit Yun, so players must learn how to perform counter moves and blocks to survive. Standard moves include an assortment of kicks and punches, while special moves can be performed after filling up the character's adrenaline meter.

The story begins with the murder of Boss Chiang, the leader of a notorious crime family, whom Kit Yun was supposed to protect. To honor Chiang's final request of a letter being delivered to his daughter in San Francisco, players begin a perilous trek across ten levels from Hong Kong to California. Along the way, members of rival crime families will try to intercept Kit Yun and prevent him from fulfilling his promise. To that end, players must be ready to confront enemies each step of the way using the game's freeform 360° fighting engine, allowing for combos, blocks, counter moves, and special attacks from any direction within the environment.

Objects within each area can also be used, literally, to turn the tables on the enemy. Chairs can be picked up and used as weapons, food on countertops can be thrown, and windows can be smashed to reveal new areas. Stoves and sinks may also be used in creative ways, especially if players want to leave a lasting impression on their assailants. In addition to the various melee attacks, players are able to use a pistol at certain points for shootouts. Jet Li's own movements were used for the game's motion-capture animation, and Corey Yuen (Kiss of the Dragon, The Transporter) assisted with choreographing some of the fight sequences.



      PLAYER: 1 Player

      GENRE: Action, Beat 'Em Up

      RATING: T-Teen

      RELEASE YEAR: 2004