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Sesame Street ABC & 123 (NES)

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SESAME STREET provides a double bonus for parents everywhere, as it's both entertaining and educational. And now, you can bring the whole gang into your home whenever you want, thanks to SESAME STREET ABC & 123 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The four games on this cart will introduce your youngsters to the wonderful world of the alphabet and numbers. They can play Letter-Go-Round, a spelling and letter-matching game; Ernie's Big Splash, which is a problem-solving and predicting game; Astro-Grover, a math game for beginners; and Ernie's Magic Shapes, a shape and color-matching game. If you're looking for a way to keep the kids entertained while they learn, SESAME STREET ABC & 123 is the perfect tool.



PLAYERS: 1 Player 

GENRE: Family/Kids

RATING: E-Everyone