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Shining Soul II (GBA)

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The second game in Sega's Shining series developed for Game Boy Advance, Shining Soul 2 presents a classic, fantasy tale of Good versus Evil. Set many years after the forces of Light banished the forces of Darkness, a veil of malevolence has returned to the land. Skies have filled with dark clouds that hide the sun yet shed no life-giving rain on the drought-plagued plains. Terrible monsters have begun to appear, threatening the well-being of all the good people of the realm. Finally, the king decides to hold a tournament, in hopes of attracting a hero who might yet save the land.

In addition to the fighter, mage, archer, and Dragonute, four new player-character types are available in this sequel -- Brawler, Priestess, Dark Wizard, and Ninja -- doubling the previous offering to a total of eight. Battles are best approached with teamwork and a party is most powerful when its members use their strengths in concert. Advanced characters may combine their Force links to form the Shining Force -- a formidable weapon that can destroy all but the most powerful opponents. As in the original Shining Soul, a number of link-cabled multiplayer options are available, including the ability to trade items or compete head-to-head in the Royal Coliseum.



PLAYERS: 1 Player, 2-4 Players (Link Cable)

Action, RPG