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Side Pocket (NES)

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Chalk up your cue stick and rack up those balls. Now get ready, get set, break! The balls scatter and the match is on... It's the Data East Pool Tournament Finals, and you're behind the 8-ball! It'll take a steady hand and a sharp eye to hustle your way to the top. Challenge your friends to the ultimate game of skill, but you've got to stay cool... It's a green felt jungle out there!

The primary play mode, called "Pocket Game", is a straight pool game set within a limited number of lives; the player must achieve a predetermined score to advance through four or five levels, each with increasing number of balls. The player earns points by potting balls, potting balls on consecutive shots, and potting balls in numerical order. On occasion, a flashing star appear in a pocket, and if the player pots a ball into that pocket in the same shot, a bonus will be awarded in the form of points, extra lives or a bonus round. One life is lost if the player scratches or fails to pot a ball in two consecutive shots.

In the two-player mode, the player can choose between Pocket Game or 9-Ball Game. In two-player Pocket Game, the game plays similarly, except the two players take turns and there are no lives; if one player misses or scratches, control of the ball simply changes to the other player. In 9-Ball Game, each player has three lives and one life is lost if a foul is committed. However, the lives will be restored if the player makes a legal shot on the next turn.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports, Pool

RATING: E-Everyone