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Skate It (Wii)

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    The Nintendo-exclusive follow-up to Electronic Arts' and developer Exient's demanding Skate on the contemporary high-def consoles, Skate It presents old-school Tony Hawk-style skateboarding with Wii Balance Board controls and customizable parks. Players stand on the Balance Board, facing the screen sideways, and steer their character by leaning forward and back, as on an actual skateboard. Ollies are performed with pressure to the front or back, and hitting each of the Balance Board's four corners separately performs a different trick. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are used to perform more precise and sophisticated moves. The game can also be played without the balance board, tilting and twisting the Wii Remote to steer. Skate It's storyline follows a lone skater in a deserted, post-disaster San Vanelona, a main location in the original Skate. Now there are no rules, no traffic-jammed streets, and no people to get in the way. The player's character meets up with a friendly (if not familiar) cameraman. Footage of a few spectacular tricks here could launch the skater's career to a tour of the world's greatest cities.



    PLAYERS: 1 Player

    GENRE: Extreme Sports, Skateboarding

    RATING: E-Everyone

    RELEASE YEAR: 2008