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Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

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The popular series continues as Sonic 3D Blast puts Sonic, everyones favorite blue hedgehog with an attitude, in the three dimensional environment of Flicky Island, home of the Flickies, little birdies that contain the secret of the hidden Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, Sonic's arch enemy Dr. Robotnik, mad scientist and despicable miscreant, learned of the emeralds first. Using his robot creatures to capture the birds and set up intruder defenses all over the island, he plans to steal the Chaos Emeralds and use them to rule the world.

As Sonic the Hedgehog, you must explore the dangerous Flicky Island, gather up all the captured Flickies, and transfer them to the dimension rings, sending them back to the Flicky dimension. The once tranquil island is now an obstacle course of spike traps, frozen paths, lava beds, shock weapons, and robots. To break open a robot containing a Flicky, you must Spin Dash or jump on the metal creature. After setting the bird free, if you run past it, it will follow you wherever you go. Be careful, though: if you get hit by an enemy, the bird flies free. When you have transported all of the Flickies into dimensional rings, you move onto the next level.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Platform

RATING: E-Everyone