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Sonic Chaos (Game Gear)

SKU: GG-SonicChaos-22


In Sonic Chaos, players control one of two characters—Sonic the Hedgehog or his sidekick Miles "Tails" Prower—and must complete each of the game's eight worlds in a quest to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from the evil scientist Dr. Robotnik, who plots to use them to rule the world. Each world, referred to as "zones" in-game, is made up of three levels, called "acts", the third one consisting of a boss fight against one of Robotnik's henchbots, or Robotnik himself in the final zone. Levels are designed to allow the player to move as quickly as possible and are largely based on those in its precursor Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The gameplay itself involves running through each level while collecting rings and defeating Robotnik's robotic minions; rings protect Sonic and Tails from being hit by an enemy or obstacle. Levels also contain small television monitors that can be smashed to reveal a power-up icon, which grant Sonic and Tails with unique abilities, such as speed shoes, a one-hit shield, and extra lives.

Chaos adds several new additions to the core Sonic gameplay. Both characters have their own unique characteristics; Sonic can perform a move called the "Super Peel-Out", originally in Sonic CD, that makes him move extra fast, while Tails is able to fly and can hover over traps and other obstacles. Sonic can collect a new power-up called the "Rocket Shoes", which grant him the ability to fly for a short period of time; Tails is unable to use this and will simply be granted extra rings if he were to smash a monitor containing Rocket Shoes. If Sonic collects 100 rings in a level, he will be teleported to a special stage, which, if completed, will award him with a Chaos Emerald. There are multiple endings that are based on the amount of Chaos Emeralds collected.

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PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone