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South Park Rally (N64)

SKU: N64-SouthParkRally-22


Take a wild tour of South Park, Colorado, in the most twisted rally racing game this side of nowhere. Cruising through South Park Forest, downtown South Park, and sites familiar from the TV show, racers forego the typical lap-to-lap racing style for a treasure-hunt-style game. All of your favorite South Park characters are joining in the quest, including Cartman on his police tricycle and Chef in his station wagon. Collecting a variety of items from various locations, racers have a number of tricks up their sleeves to thwart fellow competitors. Mexican staring frogs, chocolate salty balls, and Mr. Hanky, for example, inflict damage to competitors' vehicles in ways that are better seen than explained.

Single racers are pitted against computerized opponents, while up to four players can team up, go head-to-head, or race in challenge mode. South Park Rally carries a "Mature" rating due to the fact that it's set in South Park's twisted little world.



PLAYERS: 1-4 Players

GENRE: Racing

RATING: M-Mature