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Spider-Man Venom: Maximum Carnage [Gray Cartridge] (SNES)

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Maximum Carnage is based on the 1993 Marvel Comics story of the same name. In both the game and the comic book, Carnage has escaped from prison. His first order of business is to amass an army loyal only to him. Villains like Shriek, Doppelganger, and Carrion flock to his side. With this new army, Carnage proceeds to terrorize New York City, murdering innocent citizens. Venom and Spider-Man put aside their hatred of one another and team up to stop this menace. The story in Maximum Carnage is told through comic book panels between each level. These panels were lifted directly from the comics themselves.

At the start of Maximum Carnage, you play as Spidey but eventually you can switch to Venom. Each character plays differently. Spider-Man is an agile character, using short jabs and flips to defeat opponents. Venom is a hulking monster, using slams and uppercuts to decimate his opponents. Each player has the same special moves available during a fight. They can both make shields to block damage and swing away when surrounded by enemies. They can wrap up enemies to immobilize them. Venom and Spider-Man can also use their webbing to pull characters closer. You can also pick up objects in the environment, such as garbage cans, and throw them. After landing a number of blows, you can unleash a super move. This super move will instantly knock out whoever it comes into contact with.

The action in this retro video game is fast and frantic, with three or more enemies fighting you at once. However, you aren't alone in battle, as you can call upon your allies to help you out. Popular Marvel heroes like Captain America, Firestar, and Morbius show up to destroy all enemies on the screen. These characters do more damage depending on whether Spider-Man or Venom summons them. For example, Captain America is more loyal to Spider-Man and will deal more damage for him. Likewise, Morbius is more of an ally to Venom, helping him out more. You'll need these special allies against the boss fights. These fights range from villains such as Shriek and Demogoblin to even Carnage himself. Often, you'll have to fight multiple bosses at one time.While most levels feature side-scrolling brawling, you'll sometimes find yourself climbing walls. Here, you'll need to dodge blasts from your opponent to advance to the rooftops.

This Super Nintendo cartridge has a red color instead of gray. This release is the only SNES game released in this color.


PLAYERS: 1 Player

RATING: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

GENRE: Action, Beat 'Em Up