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Tekken Tag Tournament [Greatest Hits] (PS2)

SKU: PS2-TekkenTag-GH-21


The "King of Iron Fist Tournament 3" is over, but the fighting is far from finished. The combatants from past Tekkens past are itching to rumble, so much so that they're pairing off and traveling the world to take each other on, all in an insatiable quest for knuckle sandwiches, Wind Godfists, and proof of kung-fu superiority in the Tekken Tag Tournament.

Gameplay is similar in function to Tekken 3, and there are still a wide variety of moves and fighting styles available between all characters. One of Tekken's unique abilities is to give new players the enough simplicity to enjoy the game, and yet enough depth to satisfy self-described "Tekken Masters." Control is based on a four button scheme, with each of the buttons acting as one of the fighter's limbs (now a fifth button, for tagging, has been added to the mix), and relies on speed, combos and the art of "juggles," or combos that are enacted while the opponent is in the air, rendering the ability to block or reverse them impossible. Add to that chain throws, side-stepping, reversals (some universal, some limb-specific), and even reverse-reversals (known as "chickens"), and you have the Tekken fighting engine.

The tag feature has been implemented with the hopes of giving the game more depth while still remaining true to its frenetic pacing. Players tap on the tag button to bring fighters in or out, and unlike the "Vs." series, once one player loses their entire life bar, the round is over. Characters sitting on the sideline slowly gain back energy, and if they're kept out long enough, they'll come back into the fight with the ability to inflict a bit more damage for a limited amount of time.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting