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The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega CD)

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Robin & Commissioner Gordon have mysteriously disappeared, and Batman suspects kidnapping. Have our two comrades succumb to the deadly beauty of Poison Ivy? Does the Riddler know the answer? Or will The Joker have the last laugh? Tune in on Sega CD to find out! - Play like you’re in the TV series with exclusive animation from the creators of “The Adventures of Batman & Robin!” - Two games in one! Cruise for criminals in the Batmobile or take to the night skies in the Batwing. - Incredible scaling 3D graphics make every enemy and obstacle leap off the screen!

The animated segments were developed by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, which also did some of the episodes of the original cartoon. The animated segments were directed by Bruce Timm who is credited as developing the story with Paul Dini, while Paul received sole writers credit. Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, Bob Hastings, Ron Perlman, Diane Pershing, John Glover, Arleen Sorkin, Mark Hamill, Adrienne Barbeau, John Vernon and Robert Costanzo all reprised their roles from the animated series.



PLAYERS: 1 Players

GENRE: Action, Racing

RATING: K-A (Kids to Adults)