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The Black Bass (NES)

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The rumor is true that they will open the International Anglers Fishing Tournament with 200 professional, anglers at your NES. The shadow of the fish appears from the depths of the Lake. This is a real simulation game between man and fish. “THE BLACK BASS” makes a fantasy dreamy competition come true. “THE BLACK BASS” will jump up and try to hide at the bottom of the trees in the four different lakes. Now the Tournament is ready to start.

Join fishing legend Hank Parker on the lake for some angling action in BLACK BASS. The ultimate goal of any angler is to be the Bassin' World Champion, and the only way to reach that pinnacle is by winning competitions. There are four tournaments you'll have to compete in to reach your goal: the local Amateur Tournament, the Amateur Bass Championship, the Pro Bass Championship, and the Bassin' World Championship. You'll hit the waters on Green Valley Lake, Onyx River, Bronze Lake, and Bluestone Lake in search of the elusive bass. While you'll catch all kinds of different fish on each lake or river, only three types of black bass will count in the tournaments: Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted. Choose from the multiple lures available, practice your reeling technique, and get ready to bring home the title of Bassin' World Champion!



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Sports, Fishing

RATING: E-Everyone