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The Fisherman: Fishing Planet (PS4)

SKU: PS4-TheFisherman-21


The Fisherman – Fishing Planet faithfully adapts all the fine details of the art of fishing and brings it right to your home. Developed and polished for more than 5 years by passionate anglers, the game provides complete immersion for players. Immense attention to detail of environmental elements, geographic zone, climatic conditions, time of day, flora and fauna brings out the true beauty of the game. Everything has been included to recreate the realism and thrill of sport fishing. This game is the benchmark for all nature and sport fishing fans!
  • Master several types of fishing and catch 110 species of fish, whose artificial intelligence is based on the real behavior of each species.
  • Travel to 18 different fishing areas featuring lake and river environments with varied terrain, vegetation, and weather.
  • Thousands of tackle combinations, each with its own physics and unique hydrodynamic properties.
  • Online competitions are playable solo or co-op, with its own trophy and ranking system.
  • Exclusive premium edition content includes a new fish species, new waterway, a new sonar boat and trolling, and a new fishing technique.



PLAYERS: 1-5 Players (Network)

GENRE: Sports, Fishing

RATING: E-Everyone