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Tom and Jerry (GBC)

SKU: GBC-TomAndJerry-22


Straight from the cartoon series of the same name comes Tom and Jerry. Originally released for Nintendo's monochrome Game Boy, this game is an update with enhanced graphics only for the Game Boy Color.

You are the mouse Jerry, who is on a quest to find his nephew Tuffy. As he travels in and around the house, he'll have to watch out for Tom the cat, who would love to have him for lunch. There are ten levels spread across four worlds.

Jerry starts with three lives. Whenever he suffers five hits, he loses one of those lives. A portrait in the corner of the screen shows his current state; it starts with a happy face and gradually deteriorates to a worried one. Jerry has a certain amount of time to complete each level and can grab extra time if he picks up any clocks.

In addition to the clocks, the mouse can also pick up cheese for extra points, hearts for more lives, stars to restore his smile, four ice cream sodas hidden in each level for an extra life, and marbles to throw at Tom. A bonus score is awarded at the end of each level, and there is a password available after every three levels that can be used to return to the game at the same spot.

In addition, completing each level earns you a chance to get more points in the "Bonus Card Match Game," which is similar to the classic game of Concentration. Two players can also play Tom and Jerry by alternating turns.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone