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uDraw Studio (Wii)

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THQ's Instant Artist is an art program designed for sketching, coloring, painting, and drawing. The application supports the wireless uDraw Game Tablet, which is now available in black for the Wii platform. The touch-screen tablet and pressure-sensitive stylus allow users to draw or paint while viewing their pictures on the television screen.

The Instant Artist software features three different play options, introduced by a 3D animated host named Remmy. In Art School, players will learn how to use the uDraw Game Tablet in a series of interactive tutorials. In Art Play, players can freely draw or paint whatever comes to mind, while Art Camp offers an assortment of activities to complete. An onscreen toolbox displays favorite brushes and color palettes, and players can practice and master new techniques such as tilt-control painting.

*uDraw game tablet not included*



PLAYERS: 1 Player


RATING: E-Everyone