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Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road To Glory (PS2)

SKU: PS2-VictoriousBoxers-21


Victorious Boxers boasts a knockout combination of incredible 3-D motion-captured graphics and addictive gameplay. The title introduces gamers to Ippo, who, fresh off of the mean streets, meets an old trainer who puts him in the ring. Gamers must start at the bottom, then earn the right to a pro placement. Eventually, by working up the professional rankings, they may earn a crack at the world champion.

The game differs from other boxing titles in that it offers career progression through constant improvement, and gamers must learn new moves to progress. Listen to your trainer, and he will advise you as each fight progresses. You can take on more than 40 boxers in a huge variety of boxing arenas. See the crowds grow as each fight attracts a larger and larger purse!



    PLAYER: 1-2 Players

    GENRE: Boxing

    RATING: T-Teen

    RELEASE YEAR: 2001