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VR Troopers (Game Gear)

SKU: GG-VrTroopers-22


Antagonist Grimlord sends an arcade game to Tao's Dojo which ends up sucking protagonists Ryan Steele, J.B. Reese, and Kaitlin Star into Virtual Reality. To escape, they embark on a mission to defeat Grimlord's Skugs and monsters.

The player has two modes to choose from. Story Game and Battle Game. Story Game is a mode where the player can choose from any one of the three VR Troopers to face off against the evil leader Grimlord's mutants and cyborgs. Battle Game is a ladder-type fighting game mode where the player can choose from eight different characters to beat a certain number of enemies and win the game. The player must face a ninth character original to the game called Kamelion who can shape-shift to any other character.

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PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Fighting

RATING: E-Everyone