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Wario Land II (GB)

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In Wario Land II, play as one of Mario's many enemies, a greedy treasure hunter named Wario. In this sequel, Wario is immortal, which means there is no game over or level up. Wario's mission is to recapture treasure that the Black Sugar Gang of Kitchen Island had stolen from him. Through gameplay, Wario can take on unique forms such as Bouncy Wario or Hot Wario. Some of these super forms can provide advantages in defeating certain levels. You can cleverly utilize an enemy's attack skills against themselves and leave unscathed. There are also several mini-games along the way for extra fun.

The main story features the notorious Captain Syrup and her minions, The Pirate Gooms, who are causing mischief at Wario's castle. They have forced their way in and stolen Wario's precious treasure trove. The anti-hero awakens after the burglars purposely set off a giant alarm clock. He then sees that they've made a large mess in his lair that he needs to fix before giving chase. The members of the Black Sugar Gang have also frightened away his favorite pet hen, who is comically named "Hen.” Wario must search the land to find his hen and stop the Captain.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action & Adventure, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone