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Wario Land II (GBC)

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Oh, brother. Captain Syrup and her gang of nefarious pirates have busted into the evil Wario's castle and pilfered his collection of gold coins. And to get 'em back, Wario will have to quest through fifty levels in Wario Land II, which has been colorized for play on the Game Boy Color!

Do battle through a variety of massive environments while picking up power-ups to become Fat Wario, Puffy Wario and even the undead Zombie Wario. You'll need to muster every bit of skill you can find, since you'll need to take advantage of these different conditions to reach the end of each level! With a boatload of mini-games and multiple paths to take, Wario Land II on the Game Boy Color aims to provide hours of treasure-hunting, platforming fun.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action & Adventure, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone