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Winter Games (NES)

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Go for the Gold! It's all here --- the strategy, the challenge, the competition and the pageantry of the Winter Games. Compete against a friend or take on the computer in four completely realistic and action-packed events. Choose the country you want to represent. Then practice, train, and develop the winning strategy for each competition....Speed Skating is a grueling competition on ice. Hot Dog Aerials for daredevils on skis. Figure Skating to test balance, stamina, and precision. Bobsled, where every screaming turn could mean the difference between wiping out and winning gold. Your adrenaline and heart are racing. Let the games begin!

The game was presented as a virtual multi-sport carnival called the "Epyx Winter Games" (there was no official IOC licensing in place) with up to 8 players each choosing a country to represent, and then taking turns competing in various events to try for a medal.



PLAYERS: 1-8 Player

GENRE: Sports

RATING: E-Everyone