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World Class Track Meet (NES)

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World Class Track Meet is an Olympic-themed sports fitness game, released by Bandai for the Famicom in 1986 in Japan, and later for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in 1987 and in Europe in 1988. In North America, the game was originally released by Bandai as Stadium Events, the second in their Family Fun Fitness series after Athletic World, in September 1987. However, these copies of the game were recalled by Nintendo to rebrand the Family Fun Fitness series as first-party, re-releasing the game under the name World Class Track Meet as part of the Sports Series in 1988. Former Nintendo of America employee Howard Phillips has speculated that only around 10,000 copies of the original Stadium Events release were produced.[1] The limited pre-recall release of Stadium Events has made it a high-value collector's item, and has placed it among the rarest NES games.

All copies of the game at launch were bundled with the Power Pad (originally the Family Fun Fitness Control Mat), which is required for play.



PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Sports, Track

RATING: E-Everyone


NOTE: Power Pad required