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X2: Wolverine's Revenge (GBA)

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Marvel Comics' most popular X-Men hero stars in a side-scrolling action game designed to reveal the truth behind Wolverine's murky past. Players control the surly superhero through eight acts of claw-slicing and dicing action set within a variety of indoor and outdoor locales, including the Canadian wilderness, Weapon X facility, Mt. Arakawa, the Xavier Institute, No Man's Island, and more. In addition to using his adamantium-enhanced claws, Wolverine can perform such athletic moves as shoulder charges, wall clings, slides, and somersaults to avoid dangers like collapsing bridges or to engage his foes.

As Wolverine delves deeper into his background, he will encounter resistance in the form of ninjas and mercenaries as well as bosses Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro, Omega Red, and Magneto. Wolverine will also periodically engage in stealth sequences where he must subdue enemies before they sound the alarms. The handheld version also features a number of scaling effects designed to create a cinematic feel, and its release has been timed to coincide with the feature film debut of X2 starring Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. X-Men: Wolverine's Revenge is developer Vicarious Visions' second Marvel-related game on the handheld after 2001's Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace.


      PLAYERS: 1 Player

      GENRE: Action, Adventure, Platform

      RATING: E-Everyone

      RELEASE YEAR: 2003