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Yoshi's Story [Player's Choice] (N64)

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The evil Baby Bowser has cast a spell turning Yoshi's Island into a picture book. Worse yet, the Super Happy Tree has been stolen, making the island dark and gloomy. Players must take control of six Yoshis, each a different color, and travel through six pages (worlds) of platforming adventure to recover the tree and return the island to normal!

Featuring huge character models and bright, vibrant colors, the game's various environments (such as woods, caves, mountains, and oceans) come alive in a uniquely gorgeous 2½-D look. Eat fruit, avoid enemies and obstacles, and throw eggs from the Yoshis' never-ending supply in your quest to stop Baby Bowser's plan from succeeding. If you're good enough, you can aim for higher scores by being picky about the fruit you eat. And who knows, you might even find the mysterious black and white Yoshis!

Yoshi's task within each page is to find 30 pieces of fruit. It doesn't matter where he finds them or in what order -- once he gobbles up the last piece of fruit, he's ready to turn the page. To obtain these pieces of fruit, Yoshi can walk, run, swim, push items, jump, stomp on enemies, and pound the ground. The "pound the ground" technique allows you to reveal hidden fruit to add to your score or "happiness" level. As in previous games, Yoshi can still use his tongue to grab any fruit or enemy character he comes into contact with, but this time color is important: each Yoshi has a certain color preference that keeps him happy and increases your score.

To see all the levels, you'll have to keep playing new games while trying to improve your score.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Platform

RATING: E-Everyone