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Zero Tolerance (Genesis)

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Alien terrorists have invaded your defense colony and threaten to wipe out everything you've worked for. This is not acceptable! You must now search the complex and eliminate the hostile presence. Along the way pick up various weapons such as grenades, shotguns, bazookas and lasers -- all of which can be stored in your inventory. Zero Tolerance is a 3D, first-person shooter with a 360 degree scrolling environment.

You'll need to navigate through maze-like passageways and hidden doors in the effort to save your colony. There are eight different sectors in total, each spanning several levels: Docking Bay, Bridge, Engineering, Greenhouse, High-Rise Rooftop, High Rise, Sub-Basement and Space Station. This 16-Meg cartridge is notable for supporting a link cable that will allow you to fight a second player. Of course, you'll need two televisions, two Genesis systems and two games.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Shooter

RATING: MA-13 (Mature 13+)