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Nemesis (GB)

SKU: GB-Nemesis-22


Similar to R-Type, Nemesis is an outer space shooter that scrolls from left to right. At the helm of the Proteus 911, you are the chief of the Interplanetary Police. Your job is to patrol the skies and eventually catch up to the evil King Nemesis. During your pursuit, you'll shoot your way through five alien-packed stages: Carnage Canyon, the Pyramids of Pyromania, the Lair of the Planetary Pirates, the Den of Doom and Gloom, and the Sacrificial Sarcophagus of Saturn. As you blast stone statues, giant urchins, alien spaceships, and other enemies, many of them will leave behind power-up capsules which will enhance your fighter. These power-ups include speed, missiles, lasers, force fields, and an Enemy Annihilation Capsule, which destroys all on-screen enemies when you grab it. You can also latch on to a shadow fighter plane that basically doubles your firepower. When beginning a round of play, you can choose how many fighters you want (up to 100!) and at what stage to begin.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Shoot 'Em Up

RATING: E-Everyone