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Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3)

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    The Silent Hill HD Collection was in development for more than two years. The development team had to work with incomplete source code provided by Konami, as the published source code had not been archived; as a result they had to fix technical issues both arising from porting the two games and those that the original development team had previously dealt with. An arrangement was eventually reached between the original voice actors of Silent Hill 2 and Konami to allow for an option to have the original voice acting present in Silent Hill 2's port; the port of Silent Hill 3 does not have that option. Critics were divided over the Silent HD Collection, particularly in regards to its updated graphics and voice acting. Some enjoyed it as an updated presentation of two favorably regarded games, while others criticized the quality of the compilation, citing the technical issues.



    PLAYERS: 1 Player

    GENRE: Action, Survival Horror

    RATING: M-Mature

    RELEASE YEAR: 2012