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Limited Run: Shantae (GBC)

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WayForward Technologies introduces a brand new character in a game that mixes classic platforming action with puzzle solving, rhythm and dance, and a variety of mini games. As the title character and heroine of the adventure, gamers become a multi-talented belly dancing genie who can use her moves to transform into different creatures, including a deadly spider, an agile monkey, a powerful elephant, or even a scary harpy. The talented genie can also fend off enemies with a flick of her long ponytail. Cute but tough, little Shantae searches for the pirate Risky Boots, who has stolen important plans that may be put to evil use if not recovered.

Originally conceived as a SNES title, a long and involved development has fashioned a game designed to squeeze big production value out of the little Game Boy Color. Bright colors, sophisticated lighting and transparency effects, and multi-plane scrolling give a sense of depth to the 2D presentation. Like other cartridges created for the hardy Game Boy Color, this game is also compatible with the Game Boy Advance, and Shantae includes special programming designed for better, clearer display on the 32-bit handheld. The GBC game also includes a special area and other extras which are only accessible when it's played on the GBA.



PLAYERS: 1 Player

GENRE: Action, Platform

RATING: E-Everyone