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Super Off-Road (SNES)

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Off Road became of the most highly regarded racing games of its time at the arcades and now Super Nintendo owners are receiving their just rewards. Super Off Road is the conversion of this highly popular top down dirt track racer that took the world by storm.

Players control off-road vehicles around looped stadium like tracks taking on three other racers all vying to finish there five laps before you. Tracks are mere one-screen dirt tracks littered with obstacles such as pits, potholes, hay piles, hills, ridges, ripples and barriers. The huge range of tracks includes fandango, hueros grande, big dukes, sidewinder, hurricane gulch, cliffhanger and bluster.

Super Off Road also features a highly intuitive money system where money can be picked up during races (as items during the race) or earned when placing in the top three. Players can then spend their money on improving their truck from acceleration, top speed, tires and shocks with six vacant "spaces" per improvement. Nitros can also be found on the track or bought and play a major role in setting the pace and blowing away the competition in races.

The titles in-game menu also displays the current time taken, the amount of nitro every racer has left and the lap that all racers are on. Two-player gaming is also supported while player's bid for the highest score in the hall of fame.


PLAYERS: 1-2 Players

GENRE: Racing

RATING: E-Everyone